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Clewiston City Commission awards bid for 2015 paving project

The Clewiston City Commission held their regular monthly meeting on Sept. 15 in Clewiston’s City Hall, voting on issues regarding the mandatory paving of driveway aprons, a bid award for the 2015 paving project and a change order for repairs to the city’s main lift station.

Public Hearing

Commissioners voted 4-1 to approve changes to the city ordinance that mandates construction requirements for curbs, curb cuts and driveways. The changes included extending the date when residents must have their aprons paved from Feb. 1, 2016 to Feb. 1, 2018, and removing the word “repair” from a requirement that stated homeowners must pave aprons whenever they complete a repair or improvement on their home that totals more than $2,500.

Commissioner Mali Gardner voted against the motion because she believed a pushback date of Feb. 1, 2017 would be sufficient, citing that the longer the city holds off on paving driveway aprons, the worse the roads get.

This was the final reading of the ordinance.

Miscellaneous Action

Commissioners voted unanimously against one church’s request to purchase property from the city for 10 percent of the balance owed on a lien against the property. The property is a vacant lot on E. Aztec Avenue and has a $51,875.87 balance through Sept. 30, 2014. The city paid more than $38,000 in 2010 to demolish the building that once stood on the property after it was damaged during a hurricane.

Commissioners did not want to settle for less than what they put into demolishing the building and voted to reject the request, giving the interested party 90 days to accept or reject the offer. If they chose to reject, commissioners added that a “deed in lieu” process should begin, instead of putting the property in foreclosure.

Commissioners then voted to approve two service contracts with the Clewiston Chamber of Commerce and the Clewiston Museum. The contract with the Chamber states the city will pay it $5,000 per year and perform preventative maintenance to its tour bus in exchange for the use of the Chamber’s public notice sign and tour bus upon request.

Commissioner Kristine Petersen abstained from voting on the Chamber’s contract because she sits on the Chamber board.

The contract with the museum states the city will pay it $5,000 per year and pay the utility bills for one year in exchange for the use of the museum’s conference room for public meetings.

2015 Paving Project

Commissioners voted 5-0 to award Weekley Asphalt Paving’s bid to complete the 2015 paving project. Weekley Asphalt agreed to match the lowest bid option, which came from Lynch Paving totaling $175,459.45; Weekley also qualifies as a local vendor.

Commissioners approved the bid and voted to add two additional streets and driveway aprons to the paving project, with a total project cost of about $204,000. Since paving projects are budgeted at $200,000, Public Works Director Sean Scheffler suggested taking the additional $4,000 from road materials in the Public Works budget.

Lift Station Change Order

The city’s main lift station reached its breaking point this past summer after years of added capacity left it in a crippled state. Foster Marine Contractors, Inc. has been working to fix the lift station’s problems, but found an additional $15,574 worth of work that needed to be done, which wasn’t included in the original contract. The changes included gas lines that needed to be moved in order to complete the project.

Commissioners voted to approve the change order 5-0.

Once the change order was approved, the contractor could finish the project with a total estimated cost of about $204,074.