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Clewiston’s public recycling bins moved to discourage illegal dumping

City of Clewiston residents don’t yet have the luxury of curbside recycling pickup, unlike their out-of-county counterparts, so environmentally conscious constituents must gather their recycled goods together to bring to one of the few public recycling bins located within the city.

Though a bit more of a hassle, residents seem to be taking to the idea of recycling more so than in past years.

But as more residents utilize the public bins to reduce, reuse and recycle, some residents have opted to use the bins as a dumping ground for garbage, old furniture and even fish guts.

In May, Hendry County’s Public Works Director Shane Parker informed county commissioners that the recycling bins on Olympia Street were being used for purposes other than recycling and it was becoming a problem.

Parker announced that his department would be working with the city and some private landowners to move the bins into a fenced-in area, in hopes that the added hurdle would keep residents from dumping unwanted items into the recycling bins.

Until that deal can be made, the recycling bins have been moved from the open field on Olympia Street to behind the county health department, located on the same road.