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Gov. Scott approves tax cuts, increased K-12 funding

Governor Rick Scott signed the “Keep Florida Working” budget for fiscal year 2015-16 into law on Thursday, June 23.

The budget includes $427 million in tax cuts for Florida families, including cuts to cellphone and TV taxes and the tax on college textbooks, and provides a 10-day back-to-school sales tax holiday.

The budget also features an historic $19.7 billion total in funding for public K-12 education and an increase in per-student funding. Under the new budget, $7,097 would be allocated per student, an increase of $207 or three percent.

Other features of the budget include an investment of $9.3 billion for transportation projects, $633.6 million of which is allocated for resurfacing projects.

The budget also invests $3.5 billion in funding for agricultural and natural resources, including $71.5 million for increased land management and $500 million to improve the quality and quantity of Florida’s water. $106 million was invested in Everglades restoration.

Along with the state’s record investments, Gov. Scott vetoed more than $460 million worth of projects and programs across the state.

In Hendry County, Gov. Scott vetoed a $3 million Commercial Jet Aviation Training Center project.