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Hendry County “Right of Entry” center closes for Operation Blue Roof

Hendry County residents have a few days left to sign up for Operation Blue Roof in their local area.

The sign-up locations, called Right of Entry (ROE) centers, will be closing Oct. 13.

Local government officials, FEMA and the Corps cited dwindling numbers of sign-ups for the closures.

Operation Blue roof is a FEMA mission carried out by the Corps of Engineers and their contractors, who cover roofs with fiber-reinforced plastic sheeting until residents can arrange permanent repairs.

This is a free service for homes that are a primary residence, or for permanently occupied rental properties that meet eligibility requirements.

Residents of those Blue Roof-eligible counties can still sign up in neighboring counties that have a Right of Entry center still open.

For those who have signed up for the service in counties where the ROE centers are closing, the mission isn’t over yet.

“Our job isn’t done until we’ve visited every home that has filled out a right of entry form,” said Chris Stoltz, Operation Blue Roof mission specialist.

As of Oct. 9, the Corps of Engineers had installed 3,956 roofs on eligible roofs in Florida. More than 15,000 residents in Florida signed up for the program.