The Clewiston News

Hendry County Road and Bridge Report

Below is a report on projects completed by the Hendry County Road & Bridge Department from July 21 – Aug. 16.

Ditch cleaning:
• Muriel Blvd.
• Ivan Blvd.
• Thigpen Road
• Roy Brown Ditch

• Four Corner bus turn around – graded and ready for the school year
• Wheeler Road
• Townsend Grade
• Murray Road
• Pioneer Roads

Mowing and Slope-Mowing:
• South and North LaBelle
• LaBelle Airport

Ditch Spraying

• County Road-830
• County Road-830A
• Weatherby Road
• Mark White Road
• Neeley Davis Road
• Perry Road
• North and South Willis Ranch Road
• Morris Taylor Road
• Church Road
• Tanner Road

South LaBelle:
• A Road through G Road
• Helms Road

• Harlem Roads
• County maintained roads in Clewiston.
• AirGlades Airport
• Pioneer Roads and right of ways

Residents with questions, concerns or requests for action regarding roads, ditches or other Hendry County maintenance items, please call 863-675-5222.

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