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Hendry County’s unemployment rate falls consistently

The unemployment rate continued to fall in Hendry County as the fourth month of 2015 came to a close.

April 2015 ended with a 7.1 percent unemployment rate (not seasonally adjusted), according to data released by the Department of Economic Opportunity late last month. The same time last year, Hendry County was at an 8.4 percent unemployment rate.

Despite the decreasing rate, Hendry County slipped from number three in the state for highest unemployment in March to number two in April. Putnam and Citrus counties, which ranked number one and two in March consecutively, tied at number one in the state in April, with 7.2 percent unemployment.

Hendry County has seen a steady decrease in its unemployment rate since the latter months of 2014, but the county’s unemployment numbers traditionally spike in the summer months and fall in the winter months as the agricultural and tourist seasons end and begin.