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Hurricane Irma Sand Bags

HENDRY COUNTY — On Thursday, Sept. 6, sandbags were available for public pickup. Residents will need to bring their own shovel and will be responsible for loading their own sandbags into their vehicles. Residents are asked to please limit themselves to 25 sandbags. Please only take what your family needs.

Bags are going quickly in certain locations, it is advised that you bring large trash bags to fill in the case that there are no bags at the sand location. Sand is being delivered to all locations throughout the day today. Fertilizer and mulch bags are also effective alternatives in the case that residents cannot get sandbags.

Sandbags are available at the following sites:

• North LaBelle – Bob Mason Park located on County Road 78.

• LaBelle – LaBelle Rodeo Grounds – Parking lot on State Road 29 South –

• Felda – Felda Volunteer Fire Department – The corner of CR 830 and Willis Ranch Road North

• Montura-Flaghole – Montura-Flaghole Fire Department – Parking lot on Avenida Del Club.

• Pioneer – Pioneer Fire Dept., 2499 Hendry Isles Blvd.

• Clewiston – Vacant field north of Health Department on Olympia Avenue

• Harlem – Harlem Community Center, 7th St, Clewiston

• Hookers Point – Hookers Point Park, Davidson Road, Clewiston