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Local dentist purchases old theater

Clewiston’s theater has sat vacant for years on highway 27.

The old Clewiston theater could breathe new life once again after years of sitting closed on Sugarland Highway. But if all goes according to plan, the theater would be reincarnated and converted into a dentist office — at least on the inside.

Local dentist Dr. Kevin Van recently purchased the theater with the hopes of transforming it into a new location for his practice, Captivating Dental. The doctor said he would leave the outside of the theater relatively untouched.

“There’s still a lot of stuff in development. Nothing is carved in stone. We would leave the outside pretty much as is and remodel the inside. And that’s if everything is structurally sound,” said Dr. Van. It is still unclear whether the building is structurally sound enough for the renovations, though Dr. Van said every expert who has evaluated the property so far has said it has a good foundation.

“If it’s not structurally sound, the only option is to demolish it and start over,” Dr. Van said. Dr. Van is unsure of the timeline, but hopes the theater could be renovated and reopened as a dentist office within two years. His current office, located on Gloria Street, would be closed and relocated to the new location if everything goes according to plan.

The old theater has sat on the market for several years now. Should Dr. Van’s plans develop as he hopes, one less store front could sit vacant on Clewiston’s highway.