The Clewiston News

Master lift station modified

CLEWISTON — Modifications to the City of Clewiston’s master lift station are complete. Two new wet wells and four new submersible pumps were placed in service on May 8.

The city operates 45 pump stations that discharge to the master lift station, conveying the sewage 1.5 miles through a 12-inch-diameter force main to the wastewater treatment plant.

The city secured the nearly $1 million in funding for the project through a State Revolving Fund (SRF) loan at zero interest and obtained principal forgiveness in the amount of $373,220.

Utilities Director Danny Williams said the rehabilitation of the 30 year old master lift station was necessary to accommodate expanded growth and improve system reliability. Mr. Williams said this project is the first step and that, “with additional SRF funding, our next project will address the infiltration into our collection system, while we prepare for the expansion of our treatment plant.”

Project management was provided by City Engineer Johnson-Prewitt & Associates.