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Ross Dynasty Cares will open to doors to public on Dec. 23

LABELLE — Kimberly Ross is a life long resident of Clewiston, and she, along with her family, are embarking on a new business journey together; a journey that’s driven by their collective passions.

“Being born and raised in the small community of Clewiston which is so family oriented drives me to serve the families in the area,” says Kimberly.

“I was raised in Clewiston and I came back to Clewiston after going away for college. My passion is to serve and luckily I’m part of a family that has the same passion. My daughter is a social worker by degree. My sister is an exceptional lead teacher, and for the most part my family is in the education industry or in social work. We all have a passion to serve,” she added.

Ross has been in the business of headstones and monuments for the past eleven years. She began preparing federal income taxes about three years ago, and most recently she became approved as a medicaid APD (agency for persons with disabilities) provider.

With the roster of skills and their passion to serve, Kimberly’s family has come together as Ross Dynasty Cares, a multi-faceted company aiming to help individuals and families with the services they need. “It’s a family owned business that either provides services or connects people to services. We work with people with disabilities ranging from autism or intellectual disabilities and connect them to services. We find if they are eligible for Medicaid and connect them to additional services that they would qualify for.”

Ross, who has a masters in psychology, also worked with the Department of Children and Families for seventeen years. She says she saw a need to fill the gap with recent changes in the DCF application process which made applying for services less hands on and face to face. She is wanting to fill that gap by providing one on one consultations to assist those finding themselves needing assistance in applying to medicaid, food stamps, or immigration status.

“The main thing about Ross Dynasty Cares is that we are family owned and family centered,” says Ross.

“We advocate for individuals. We work with Friends of Foster for families who have foster children placed in their homes. We provide mentoring and tutoring services for those children,” she added.

I told Kimberly that providing headstones, preparing taxes, working with people to help them apply for medicaid, and working with foster children seemed like a lot. She chuckled and said “It is a lot, but it all ties in! Everything is all family centered and service oriented. With headstones we are providing a need for the family. With taxes we are helping the family. With medicaid assistance we are providing a service to the family. We are very family oriented and we try to close the gap whenever we can. That’s what we are there for.”

On Saturday, Dec. 23 at 11 a.m., Ross Dynasty Cares will be opening its doors to the public; offering food and drink, with some giveaways including a couple of bicycles, tablets, and gift cards. There will be stations set up educating people with the vast array of services they are providing and encouraging all who are in need to come back and see them.

Ross Dynasty Cares is located at 462 East Cowboy Way in LaBelle and can be reached at 863-674-1771 or 863-233-6500, or by email at