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U.S. Sugar employees join Harlem students during Science Month

CLEWISTON — The Florida B. Thomas Library in Clewiston celebrates “Science Month” twice per year, in the months of April and October. Throughout these months, the library offers professionally led science presentations, field trips to science museums and exhibits. This month, U.S. Sugar employees Claudia Kaye, Rosa Muchovej and Chris LaBorde were on hand presenting to area students from Harlem the latest information on advancements in soil science and plant DNA. The U.S. Sugar employees led a science-based discussion on how U.S. Sugar’s scientists and farmers are working to sustainably grow sugarcane, sweet corn, citrus and other crops on different soil types throughout South Florida. U.S. Sugar is proud to partner with the Thomas Library to share information and science from the company’s fields and to help the next generation of aspiring scientists, engineers and farmers learn more about agriculture.