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Clewiston Green Thumbs Garden Club decorates library for holiday season

The Green Thumbs Garden Club used foliage collected around Hendry County to create natural Christmas decorations that will adorn the Clewiston public library for the month of December.

The Clewiston Green Thumbs Garden Club has transformed the Clewiston Public Library for another holiday season, decking the halls with natural foliage.

For roughly 40 years, the garden club has been adorning the library with all-natural vegetation collected from the area, which club members manipulate into beautiful, holiday themed decorations.

Club members spent the better part of the morning and afternoon on Tuesday, Dec. 2 creating the decorations and placing them strategically throughout the library. Members used items such as dried palm fronds, pine cones, berries, twigs and leaves to make simple and complex decorations. Some of the most intricate decorations include reindeer made from logs, sticks and palm fronds; teddy bears made from moss; and a tree made from wrapped twigs, red berries and pine cones.

This year, members had the idea to fill dried palm fronds with pine cones, shells, dried leaves and ornaments, which they set on the library’s many tables as center pieces. Some of the pine cones were spray painted gold, silver or blue to add a pop of holiday cheer, while others were left in their natural state.

The garden club members decorate the Clewiston library every year in the beginning of December for the community to enjoy throughout the month. Stop by the library today to delight in a new book and savor the fresh, seasonal decorations.

Garden Club members also invite the community to join them at one of their monthly meetings. Please contact President Barbara Oeffner at 863-983-3376 for more information.

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