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Clewiston Public Library to hold Amnesty Week

CLEWISTON — Do you have outstanding fines or fees due to overdue or lost books or other Clewiston Public Library items?

Clewiston Public Library wants to welcome you back to the library and help wipe your slate clean during its Amnesty Week April 9-14.

The Library is offering this opportunity to help reduce any pressure to people who may have library fines or fees, and welcome them back to the Library.

How it works: If you have fines or fees up to $50 – ask Library staff to wipe your record clean. They will do so, no questions asked. If your card is inactive, staff will issue a new card for a small fee of only $1.00.

Fines or fees up to $50 and you lost a book or other item: Bring a replacement book or item of the same or similar price to the Clewiston Public Library. For example, you lost “Gone with the wind,” at a price of $19.95, bring in another copy of that book or you may pay the cost of the book to the Library and all other fines or fees are erased relating to that item.

Borrowed a book via Clewiston Public Library from another library: Bring the book to the Clewiston Public Library and staff will wipe your record clean as long as the item is in acceptable condition.

Fines or fees of $50 or more: Ask Library staff for the Director. She will work with you to try to resolve your account.