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Deputies subdue violent suspect; After initial discovery of marijuana, suspect reportedly turns aggressive

Deputies with the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office arrested a Pahokee man after he became combative and aggressive. The man may have faced lesser charges of marijuana possession but aggravated his charges when he reportedly attacked the deputies.

The incident happened on March 25 in the area of Sky Valley. Deputies were in the area after Sheriff Steve Whidden received a call in reference to underage subjects drinking and using drugs. When they arrived, deputies sent the juveniles, who were in possession of a bottle of Captain Morgan but appeared not to have been drinking, home.

Around the same time, a Black Nissan Sentra arrived at the location and deputies approaching the driver smelled a strong odor of marijuana emanating from inside the vehicle.

The driver of the car, Martin Martinez, 24, of Pahokee, was asked to step out of the vehicle.

Deputies also reported smelling a strong odor of marijuana on Martin’s person. When the deputies told Martinez they would be conducting a search of the vehicle due to probable cause, and began reaching into his pant’s front right pocket, the man reportedly grabbed one of the deputy’s hands.

Two deputies grabbed the suspect and tackled him to the ground. The suspect allegedly continued resisting, despite their order to stop, and kicked at the leg of one of the deputies.

At that point, one of the deputies trying to subdue him punched him two to three times in the shoulder while a second deputy tazed him twice to gain control over him.

Deputies found a clear plastic bag in the suspect’s front right pocket that tested positive for marijuana.

Due to the suspect’s actions, in addition to a marijuana possession charge, the suspect will have to answer for additional charges of resisting an officer with violence and battery on a law enforcement agent.

Martinez was transported to the Hendry County Jail.