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Embarrassed man flees from police; man says he was ashamed of his clothing

A Clewiston man was arrested on charges of driving while intoxicated and fleeing from police and, once he was stopped, confided that he was much too embarrassed with what he was wearing to pull over for police when they instructed him to.
The incident took place on Tuesday, Feb. 16, at approximately 2:42 a.m. Around that time, Officer M. Vandetti with the Clewiston Police Department noticed a vehicle driving along Royal Palm Avenue and failing to stop at not one but three intersections, including busy U.S. 27.
As the vehicle, a black Jeep, eventually made its way to the intersection of Ventura Avenue and Deane Duff Avenue, and the police officer activated the emergency lights of his police vehicle, the Jeep accelerated south on Dean Duff at a high rate of speed – above the posted speed limit – before turning into Alverdez and pulling into his residence.
As he entered his property and parked his car, nearly hitting a pole as he did so, according to Officer Vandetti, the man seemed to be in a hurry to enter his house. The officer called out to him, and the man, 36-year-old William Brown, complied, returning to the officer.
When confronted about his attempt to flee from the officer, the man offered an unlikely response. According to the officer’s report, the man “acknowledged that he saw me turn my lights on and the reason that he did not stop was because he was embarrassed about the clothes that he was wearing and did not want to be seen in them.”
The officer noted that the man’s pupils were dilated and were unresponsive to light, and the man seemed to be stumbling and intoxicated. A field sobriety test was administered, which the man did not pass.
Brown was transported to the Clewiston Police Department.
The report did not go on to mention what type of clothing the man was wearing when he was stopped.