The Clewiston News

Food service reminders for disaster related feeding stations and the public

Wash hands with soap and running water:

• After using the bathroom.

• Before handling food.

• When switching between raw and cooked foods.

• After eating, drinking, or smoking.

• After changing a diaper.

• When hands become contaminated.

• Between changing gloves.

Wear gloves properly, including:

• Always wash hands before wearing a new pair of gloves.

• Wear gloves before handling food.

• Never re-use or wash gloves.

• Change gloves once they become soiled or discolored.

• Change gloves when switching between raw and cooked foods.

• Change gloves when hands become contaminated.

• Remove gloves before eating, drinking, smoking, or taking out the garbage.

Keep soap and paper towels at all handwashing sinks

Keep hot foods at 140 degrees f or above

Keep cold foods at 41 degrees f or below

Cook foods thoroughly (for a minimum of 15 seconds as indicated below)

• Chicken and Other Poultry and Stuffed Meats – 165 degrees F

• Ground Beef and Other Ground Meats – 155 degrees F

• Pork, Beef, Eggs, and Other meats – 145 degrees F

Use utensils to handle food whenever possible

Do not touch ready to eat food with bare hands

If possible, do not keep leftovers

Thaw foods in the refrigerator

Cool hot foods rapidly to 41 degrees f, or below, within 4 hours

When in doubt-throw it out