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Fugitive arrested after calling police for help; Initially refuses to provide real name to officers

A man may have compromised one of the central tenets of fugitives when he reached out to the Clewiston Police Department for help in dealing with his significant other and was subsequently arrested on a warrant in his name.
Officers with CPD were called out to the West Express Inn at 433 W. Sugarland Highway in Clewiston regarding a civil standby between a man and his significant other. There, police officers met with a man who, while initially refusing to identify himself, eventually offered the name of Raul Martinez, with a date of birth of Sept. 19, 1973.
According to the man, he called police after his partner threatened to harm him when she returned home to grab her belongings from their room. He wanted police to be present when she came back for her stuff, according to a police report of the incident.
While waiting for the woman, police located a U.S. Issued permanent resident card with “Martinez’s” picture, but with a different name, Francisco Machuca, date of birth September 24, 1973.
Police reached out to communications for verification of the man’s name, and communications advised that there was no person in the system with the name of Martinez, but a Machuca had a possible warrant out of Hendry County.
A Hendry County Sheriff’s Office deputy was called in to provide assistance on the call. The deputy was able to retrieve the warrant information, along with a picture that matched the man in front of him.
“When asked about the photograph, the individual then stated that his real name was, in fact, Machuca,” writes Officer K. Hodges in his report.
Machuca was placed under arrest and was transported to the Clewiston Police Department for processing and later to the Hendry County Jail.
Apart from the initial arrest warrant, the 42-year-old man also faces an additional charge of providing a false name to a law enforcement officer.