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Glades Community protest Senator Joe Negron

Glades residents are tired of being shut out about their communities

PALMC CITY, FL – As residents of the Glades Community we have decided that if Senator Joe Negron won’t come talk to us then we will go talk to him. Last week Senator Negron made a major announcement about his plans to save the Everglades. Senator Negron’s plan is riddled with problems. The major component of Senator Negron’s plan is to buy more land south of Lake Okeechobee and send the water south. Senator Negron’s plan mirrors the talking points of special interest groups and we’re afraid that he’s forgotten that he’s the incoming Senate President for the State of Florida and not just special interest groups.

As a community we have a voice and we demand to be a part of this conversation. No longer is it okay to brush our communities aside and make decisions for us.

We should all be working together to solve this problem. Buying more government land where the government already owns thousands of acres of land is wasteful, negligent and will only result in the lose of jobs for the Glades community.

Join Hendry County Commissioner Janet Taylor, community pastors, Glades residents and groups that support the need for the Glades to have a seat at the table.

“If you haven’t been invited to the table, then you are most definitely on the menu.”


WHO:  Hendry County Commissioner Janet Taylor, local pastors,  and members of the Glades communities

WHAT:   #GladesLivesMatter Town Hall Meeting

WHERE: Senator Joe Negron’s Senate District Office

3500 Southwest Corporate Parkway, Palm City, FL 34990

WHEN: August 24, 2014 @10:15 AM

WHY: Because #GladesLivesMatter