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Hendry County transfer stations open

Curbside pick-up resuming in areas of county

LABELLE — The Solid Waste transfer stations in LaBelle and Clewiston are now open to the public.

Due to power outages, the LaBelle station is only accepting cash and account customers at this time. Customers in LaBelle should understand that their loads will be estimated by the scale attendant and that decision is final.

The Clewiston station is accepting credit cards.

Residents may take all items needing disposal to these transfer stations.

Curbside pickup is for household waste only, not debris. All waste should be properly stored in a trash can.

The City of Clewiston will pick up household waste Thursday, September 14.

Thursday, September 14, the regular trash pickup schedule will resume.

Please be mindful that some roads remain impassible and garbage trucks may not be able to pick up all trash on the dates listed above. For updates from Hendry County, please visit or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.