The Clewiston News

Letter to the Editor from the Postell family

In order for my family and I to portray our passion for this special day, you first need a glimpse at the man who created this fiery passion and joy within us. The man of all the hours, Wilbur Postell! Southern twang, closet full of Western pearl snap button-downs and a true love for all “critters” at the family farm. Hometown butcher and owner of Postell’s Country Meats, Wilbur Postell created a full life in his small sugar town of Clewiston. Always adamant on eating supper at the table, as a family, every night. His intentions always had a direction, full of purpose and with a strong belief in the old-fashioned system. Our hometown of Clewiston did not come to his meat market just for the product. They came for his humor and personality because you do not meet someone like Wilbur and forget him.

Wilbur was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2012 but is not defined by his diagnosis. Rather, he’s defined as a husband, father, granddaddy, brother, son, veteran and friend. It is dear to our heart that we never mistake the person he is from the condition that tried to take that away. After he was diagnosed, our family grasped the importance of understanding the disease. Early detectable signs, support groups, first-time caregiving tips, therapy, hospice and preparation for yourself and your loved one during and after transition. Wilbur was given his ultimate healing on June 7, 2016, surrounded by his family.

Today, an estimated 47 million people across the world are living with dementia. This number is set to skyrocket to 75 million by 2030. In the United States alone, more than 15 million caregivers generously dedicate themselves to those with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Being of service is such an important aspect to living a truly fulfilled life; caregiving is a gift. A change is needed in how this generation perceives and accepts the condition.

Last summer was our first time participating in The Longest Day, and what an incredible experience that was. Hosting “Wilbur’s Country Cookout” was life-changing, and because of all of you, we raised a total of $4,232 toward The Alzheimer’s Association! This year you can catch us on the green because “Wilbur’s UnFOREgettable Golf Classic” will take place on July 21 in our hometown of Clewiston. All proceeds will benefit The Alzheimer’s Association. We are reaching for the stars in hopes his story touches other lives and families across the country. The devil tried for years to defeat him with daily reminders of what his life was no longer. But our God of restoration revealed what his new life through Him had to offer. That is a story so deserving to be spread!

To help us make this event a success straight from the heart, here is how you can help. If you are local, please support by participating — create a three-person team for the 18-hole tournament. The three-person scramble will be held at the Clewiston Golf Course; registration begins at 8 a.m., with a 9 a.m. shotgun start. You may register for the tournament by e-mailing your interest to

Please include all of the following: team name, team captain, full name of all three participants and handicaps. Sign-up is also available at the Clewiston Golf Course. There will be no same-day sign-up for this tournament; you must register by July 7 to be eligible to play. A $225 team fee includes: three-person scramble, 18-hole golf game, green fees and cart, food, prizes and a goodie bag.

If you are not local or unable to attend, you can make a special donation through the event page at Sharing this link via email and social media to your friends and family will help spread the word, pushing us closer to our goal of $5,000.

Spreading his story is our passion. If you are interested in becoming more educated on Alzheimer’s, visit Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We cherish you for loving him as much as we do and for opening your hearts to making a difference!

This event is dedicated to every family who has experienced or is currently experiencing the sudden, life-altering change that the disease of Alzheimer’s has put on their life story. Wilbur embodied his faith, family and community, and we are honored to use his special story as a platform in spreading awareness and ultimately finding a cure. This day is not just for him, it is for all of you!

We are forever thankful to God for his consistency and unconditional faithfulness. We know wholeheartedly that June 7 wasn’t the end but only the beginning for Wilbur. God’s message brings a fresh beginning, unshakable joy, unexplainable peace, eternal significance, meaning and purpose to life. He brought us to it and surely brought us through this season of our lives, together, as a family.

The Postells