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UPDATE: Local band competes in Battle of the Bands

YourDesign will compete in 96K-rock’s Battle of the Bands on Aug. 29 at Immokalee Casino Hotel.

UPDATE: YourDesign succeeded in cinching the win at the Aug. 29 Battle of the Bands in Immokalee.

As the winners, YourDesign took home $5,000, studio recording time at Paul L. Marshall Recording Studios and a chance at airplay on 96K-Rock out of Fort Myers.


Five local musicians are heading to the second round of 96K-Rock’s Battle of the Bands this Saturday to fight for the chance to record a three-song EP and to possibly make it onto the coastal airwaves.

YourDesign, led by Ricky Coleman (vocals), James Wilson (guitar), Delfino Garcia (bass guitar), Chris Musgrave (drums) and Harry Sanchez (guitar) won the first round of Battle of the Bands on Aug. 15.

They will compete against two other bands this Saturday for the grand prize: $5,000, studio time at Paul L. Marshall Recording Studio and possible air play on 96K-Rock out of Ft. Myers.

YourDesign will be judged on performance, appearance, originality and crowd participation, which means the band needs as many local residents out in the audience showing their support of homegrown talent.

YourDesign was formed three years ago by original members Coleman and Wilson. Garcia, Musgrave and Sanchez joined shortly thereafter and the five-some has been creating ever since.

Described by band members in one simple and encompassing word — rock — YourDesign has an original sound that stems from its all-original material.

Singer Ricky Coleman and guitarist James Wilson are the two original members of YourDesign.

No one member of the band writes music over another. A song might start with the lyrics, but could easily be started with a guitar riff or a drum riff with all other elements falling into place.

“Everybody’s creative in their own way,” said Wilson in an interview at drummer Musgrave’s home in Clewiston. “It all comes together. Everyone knows their part.”

The cohesiveness and professional sound of the band makes it hard to believe the first round of Battle of the Bands was YourDesign’s first live performance together.

But the sensation of YourDesign was summed up in one word by bassist Garcia: chemistry. It is simply five musicians who came together in the right place at the right time.

The band’s single “Cold” helped cinch its place in the 96K-Rock competition. Submitted by Coleman on the first of July, band members listening to the radio first found out they would be would be playing one week before the first battle. With merely seven days to practice, the band pulled off a stellar performance and made it into the final round.

“We’ll be working to get our stage presence back,” said Coleman of the upcoming competition. “There’s a difference between performing live in person and on a CD.”

Drummer Chris Musgrave and bassist Delfino Garcia prepare for a live acoustic version of YourDesign’s “Cold.”

The band said it learned a lot from its first performance and looks forward to bringing that experience to the second round of the competition.

For these five band members, winning the competition could be the break they’ve been waiting for. In the meantime, these local boys will be working their day jobs at U.S. Sugar, Alan Jay, Blair’s Ranch and Airlink Airconditioning waiting for the recognition they deserve.

Find YourDesign on Facebook at; ReverbNation at reverbnation/yourdesign; and on Twitter @yourdesignband.

Come show your support for YourDesign this Saturday, Aug. 29 at Immokalee Casino Hotel for 96K-Rock’s Battle of the Bands. The show is absolutely free (must be 18 years or older).