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New college degree program offered locally

Students can log into their online classes from Jacobs Flight Service located at Airglades Airport.

Local residents looking for a college education and a path towards an exciting career no longer need to travel outside of the area to do so.

Jacobs Flight Services, a flight training facility operating out of Airglades Airport, was approved two months ago to offer college degrees to become certified pilots.

Jacobs Flight Services offers professional pilot training courses while students simultaneously complete a two-year Associate of Applied Science in Aviation.

Jacobs Flight is partnering with Charter College of Aviation in Reno, Nev. to make this degree program possible. Students completing the program complete the flight training portion of the program on-site at Airglades Airport and log in to the college in Reno online.

A desk area with dual monitors has been set up at Jacobs Flight for students to complete coursework and participate in the online classes.

The program is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Education, which means students are eligible for financial aid and scholarships.

“This opens up doors for people who otherwise couldn’t afford this,” said Jacobs Flight owner Jason Jacobs. Training to become a pilot, he admits, is very expensive.

Students who complete the program will leave with their pilots license, giving them access to careers in commercial aviation or flight instruction.

The program includes courses in aerodynamics, navigation, commercial aviation, meteorology, safety, law and more, as well as 250 hours of practical flight training.

For more information on the program, contact Jacobs Flight Services at 863-983-2499 or visit