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Transportation available for Hendry County residents in mandatory Evacuation Zone

HENDRY COUNTY — Transportation for evacuation of Hendry County residents in the mandatory evacuation zone will be available beginning at 10 a.m., Friday, September 8.

The mandatory evacuation zone includes the City of Clewiston, Hookers Point, Harlem, Flaghole, Montura Ranch Estates and the communities located within the Mid-County MSBU which includes Ladeca, Pioneer Plantation and Leon-Dennis Subdivision (Al Don Farming Road).

The primary location for parking and citizen pick up will be the Clewiston commerce park area across from the Hendry County Health Department on the West side of Olympia Street.

This transportation is for evacuees in the mandatory evacuation zone who do not have the means to evacuate on their own.

It is asked that residents who are able to evacuate on their own would do so now and save the available transportation for those without other transportation options.

Hendry County has established a hotline for residents with questions and concerns regarding Hurricane Irma. The number for this hotline is 863-674-5410.

As more information on transportation and shelters becomes available, the County will continue to update residents.