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Clewiston man digs up grenade in yard

A Clewiston resident dug up a surprise while doing yard work last Sunday afternoon — a surprise that prompted a response from the Clewiston Police Department and the Lee County Bomb Squad.

Officers were called to the 600 block of E. Trinidad Avenue in Clewiston on July 27, with reports that a homeowner had stumbled upon a grenade while doing work in his yard, said Lieutenant Michael Rowan, of the Clewiston Police Department.

Officers called on the help of the Lee County Bomb Squad to ensure that the grenade was not active.

According to Lt. Rowan, the grenade was in fact a real grenade, but was hallowed out in the middle and did not contain any explosive devices.

“It was more or less a souvenir,” said Lt. Rowan, adding that the grenade was probably left by a previous homeowner.

This marks the third incident where the Clewiston Police Department has been called due to reports of a potential grenade since April 2013.

The first incident occurred in late April 2013 when an employee discovered a hand grenade placed conspicuously atop a pay phone outside of Walmart. The grenade was found to be inactive, however, the incident was enough to shut down Walmart for several hours until law enforcement agencies fully assessed the situation.

The second incident occurred more than six months later in January 2014 and also resulted in the shutdown of Walmart for an hour or more. Officers were called to the store after employees noticed what looked to be a hand grenade laying underneath a shelf in the jewelry section. The “grenade” turned out to be merely a toy the store sold at the time.