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Clewiston police officer arrested, charged with aggravated stalking and battery on LEO

Fernando Herrera

A Clewiston police officer was arrested Tuesday, after turning himself in to the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO), the Clewiston Police Department (CPD) confirmed today.

Officer Fernando Herrera, 47, was arrested and charged with aggravated stalking and battery on a law enforcement officer, a press release issued today by HCSO stated.

Herrera is accused of attacking an HCSO off-duty deputy while off-duty himself. According to the deputy’s statements to supervisors, Herrera allegedly attacked the deputy while in the parking lot of the Shell Gas Station on State Road 80 in Pioneer Plantation on Monday.

The deputy told supervisors that Herrera attacked him from behind and repeatedly punched him. The deputy also stated Herrera alluded to the fact that he had a gun in his truck and that he thought about setting the deputy’s house on fire with the deputy inside, according to the release.

Herrera turned himself in to the sheriff’s office Tuesday and was released on a $7,000 bond. The investigation is still ongoing, and there may be possible pending charges, HCSO reported.

Herrera was suspended from the police department with pay, pending the outcome of the department’s own internal investigation, said Lieutenant Michael Rowan of CPD.

Lieutenant Rowan also stated the department will conduct a thorough investigation to determine not only what happened, but why it happened.

Herrera worked as a sheriff’s deputy at HCSO for 8.5 years before signing on with CPD, where he has worked for just over a year.