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HCSO opens office parking lots to Internet sales transactions

With all the recent safety concerns of meeting someone who is buying or selling items that are advertised online, Hendry County Sheriff Steve Whidden has identified Hendry County Sheriff’s Office as an Internet Sales Transaction Site.

People looking for a secure place to complete transactions arranged online are being urged to use the parking lots of the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office and its sub-offices.

Hendry County Sheriff’s Office -101 S. Bridge Street, LaBelle
Hendry County Sheriff’s Office Annex – 9045 SE Raintree, LaBelle
Clewiston Sub-Office – 100 E. El Paso, Clewiston

“After several incidents of crimes around the country involving online sites, we wanted to open our parking lots and lobbies as a safe place to view and buy items,” said Hendry County Sheriff Steve Whidden.

This new program is meant to reduce and deter the number of robberies and other crimes that may occur when potential buyers or sellers are targeted online.

“While this is not a growing problem in Hendry County, it is an ongoing problem across the country,” said Sheriff Whidden.  “I want our citizens to feel safe.” It is, however, recommended that arrangements be made during daylight hours.

“I am encouraging everyone to take advantage of this new program,” said Sheriff Whidden. Completing online purchases at a law enforcement facility will lessen the potential for criminal activity.

If someone intends to commit a criminal act and you say, “Let’s meet at the Sheriff’s Office,” the person on the other end of the phone is probably going to think twice.