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Osprey nest causes Clewiston utility pole to catch fire

Clewiston utilities placed traffic cones on top of the utility pole on North Lopez to discourage ospreys from building nests at the site.

An osprey’s apparent attempt to rebuild a nest atop a utility pole prompted a response from the fire department early Monday morning, Clewiston’s fire marshal reported.

The utility pole the protected bird was trying to call home was located on North Lopez Street, behind Clewiston Middle School, and has apparently been the object of that bird’s fancy before. According to Fire Marshal Travis Reese, Clewiston Utilities previously placed traffic cones on top of the pole after the bird attempted to build a nest in the same, dangerous location.

The traffic cones, it seemed, could not persuade the bird to set up shop elsewhere. With an already occupied nesting site merely feet from the utility pole, it seems this location is prime, osprey real estate.

The pole caught fire as the bird prepared its nest, and knocked out power for several Clewiston Utilities customers. But the bird reportedly survived the flames and will live to build another nest, hopefully, in a different location.