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Over 60 dogs surrendered in Montura

Veterinarians at the Gulf Coast Humane Society treat puppies taken from a home in Montura Ranch.
Credit: Gulf Coast Humane Society

Over 60 dogs were taken from a home in Montura Ranch Estates this morning after the owners failed to comply with an Order to Provide Care issued on Sept. 8 by Clewiston Animal Control, the Clewiston Police Department reported.

Clewiston Animal Control, in conjunction with Hendry County Sheriff’s Office and Hendry County Code Enforcement, reportedly found 61 dogs on a property in the 200 block of Horse Club Avenue in Montura Ranch which were not being kept properly.

According to the police department, 20 dogs were being kept in cages without proper air flow, several were covered in urine and feces and some had skin and eye infections that had gone untreated.

The owners were also reportedly selling puppies without proper health documentation.

The dogs were surrendered to Clewiston Animal Control and transported to Gulf Coast Humane Society in Fort Myers and Caloosa Humane Society in LaBelle.

According to a press release issued by Gulf Coast Humane Society, the dogs taken from the home included Shih Tzu, Maltipoo, Yorkie, Chihuahua and Heeler puppies, as well as two nursing mothers and several pregnant mothers.

“I have been impressed at the effective approach Clewiston Animal Control has taken in investigating the possible abuse or neglect within their area. We are happy that we can help with getting these puppies and adults to a better environment and eventually to their forever homes,” said Jennifer Galloway, executive director at Gulf Coast Humane Society.

Over 60 dogs were taken from a home in Montura Ranch this morning and transported to Gulf Cost Humane Society and Caloosa Humane Society.
Credit: Gulf Coast Humane Society

The owners of the dogs were reportedly cited for the following violations:
-Florida statute 828.29.1b – dogs offered for sale without health certificates (60 counts)
-Florida statute 828.12.2b – confinement of dogs without wholesome exercise and change of air (20 counts)
-Florida statute 828.12.1 – failing to provide adequate care for dogs causing unnecessary pain and discomfort (40 counts)
-Florida statute 877.14.1 – failing to keep a complete and true record of all dogs sold
-Hendry County Code 1-5-13 – dogs not vaccinated (40 counts)
-USDA license requirements

According to Clewiston police, further investigation into the incident is ongoing.