The Clewiston News

‘Rude’ awakening for sleeper in stolen car

In the wee hours of last Thursday, July 20, Clewiston Patrolman James Hester discovered a car parked by the city baseball fields. Investigating the situation, he found two individuals asleep in a white 2000 Toyota Camry.

According to his offense report, Officer Hester left the area but checked the tag number, discovering that the vehicle had been reported stolen by a Riviera Beach woman. He waited patiently and quietly at a distance so as not to wake anyone while backup was called in. The two sleeping beauties were awakened once other officers arrived.

Identified as Henry L. Davis III, 20, whose last address was on 13th Street in West Palm Beach, and Aalrieal Little, 18, whose last address was on Mississippi Avenue in Clewiston, the two claimed not to have known the vehicle was stolen but admitted they were homeless and happy to have a great place to sleep, the report said.

Davis told the officer he’d bought the car for $750 from a cousin in Pahokee whose name he gave as “Ja’marin Williams,” but Patrolman Hester could not track down any such person. According to the report, Davis said he’d met Little in Harlem and invited her to sleep in the car with him since she told him she also was homeless.

Davis was charged with grand theft auto. As he was being booked, he inquired which jail he would be taken to, stating that he didn’t like the Hendry County Jail and would prefer that the officers take him to the West Palm Beach Jail, “since that was where he was going to end up anyway,” according to the arrest affidavit.

Interestingly enough, however, the responding officers never told him where the vehicle had been stolen from. That was the first time someone had asked for different jailing accommodations, police officials said. Davis was delivered to the Hendry County Jail and apparently will have to find another way to the West Palm jail.