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Sgt.’s parents victims of attempted theft

Javier Crespo

The parents of a Clewiston police sergeant were the target of an attempted burglary on Tuesday, July 14.

Javier Crespo, 35, of Clewiston, was arrested and charged with burglary unarmed and petit theft after he allegedly tried to take a tool box that belonged to the father of Sergeant Matt Beatty, according to an arrest report released by Clewiston Police Department.

Lionel Beatty was reportedly outside his home on Osceola Avenue opening his garage door when Crespo asked him to borrow $5. Beatty went inside to grab some cash and gave it to Crespo.

Crespo then asked for a glass of water, but when Beatty came outside the second time, Crespo was gone.

Beatty’s wife was around the corner and reportedly saw Crespo walking through her yard with a black tool box in his hands.

When she yelled to him, Crespo reportedly dropped the tool box and ran towards the highway.

Crespo was arrested the next day and charged with burglary unarmed, petit theft and possession of narcotics equipment.

He remains in custody at the Hendry County Jail on a $20,000 bond.