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Single-car crash leads to DUI arrest

Taaffe Soler

A former Clewiston resident was arrested on DUI charges after allegedly crashing through a wooden fence on WC Owen near the entrance to U.S. Sugar Corporation.

The incident occurred during a heavy storm on June 11 at around 8 p.m.

Taaffe Soler, 35, was driving west on Sonora Avenue towards WC Owen where she was unable to stop at the stop sign and struck a fence, according to an arrest report released by the Clewiston Police Department.

Soler’s black Ford SUV reportedly drove over a curb, through a stop sign and into a barbed wire fence before striking a wooden fence post and coming to a final rest within the tree line of a wooded area on WC Owen.

Soler reportedly walked away with two large bumps on her head and a large laceration, but refused medical treatment when EMS arrived.

The security guard working at U.S. Sugar’s main entrance told officers he saw Soler’s brake lights come on as she approached the stop sign, but said the car never slowed down, according to the report.

Officers reportedly smelled alcohol on Soler, but were unable to complete a full Field Sobriety Test because of the weather. Soler was arrested and taken to the sheriff’s substation in Clewiston, where she reportedly blew a 0.168 and 0.171.

Soler was arrested and charged with DUI and damage property, which was estimated at $450. Soler was booked in the Hendry County Jail on June 12 and released on a $4,000 bond the same day.