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Suspect shot and killed in Pompano Beach linked to Clewiston robbery

A man suspected of robbing a Wells Fargo Bank in Port St. Lucie yesterday (June 10) was shot and killed by Broward County Sheriff’s deputies today.

The man, identified as Charles Allen Ziegler, 40, is suspected to have also robbed the Advance America Cash Advance store in Clewiston on May 22, according to the Clewiston Police Department.

As reported by WPBF 25 News, Ziegler was shot and killed today in Pompano Beach by a sheriff’s deputy after he allegedly reached for a gun underneath the seat of his car as deputies attempted to arrest him.

It is reported a total of four deputies shot simultaneously at Ziegler and he subsequently succumbed to his wounds.

Employees at the Advance America Cash Advance store in Clewiston could not say anything about last month’s robbery.

Clewiston police say Ziegler has been identified in several robberies across the state of Florida.

The incident at Advance America Cash Advance is still an ongoing investigation, but more information regarding the incident will be released as it is made available.