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Two men play chicken with cop car on high-speed chase

Alexis Rey Ortiz

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Police were sent on a high-speed chase through Hookers Point early Monday morning, with the fleeing vehicle allegedly playing chicken with the patrol vehicle, the Clewiston Police Department reported.

Officers were dispatched to the Marathon East gas station at around 1:45 a.m. on Monday, Sept. 21 in reference to a disturbance, according to an offense report released by Clewiston police. As officers arrived, they reportedly witnessed a black, 1984 two-door pickup truck speeding out of the gas station parking lot.

Officers followed the truck, activating their emergency lights and sirens as the truck reportedly sped down San Jose Street, blowing through a stop sign and heading east on Ventura Avenue. The truck reportedly reached speeds of 80 miles per hour during the pursuit, making its way from Ventura Avenue to

Francisco, then Davidson and eventually Evercane Road, allegedly running stop signs and swerving across lanes as it went.

The truck reportedly stalled on Davidson Road just before Evercane, at which point officers exited their patrol car and went towards the vehicle. The driver reportedly got the truck started again and took off west down Evercane.

Officers re-entered their vehicle before the truck allegedly made a U-turn and sped directly towards the patrol car. Officers reportedly swerved out of the way of the truck which then continued east on Evercane before driving into a ditch. Officers surrounded the truck but could not see inside the vehicle due to the dark tint.

At that time, a silver Scion reportedly drove up to the scene and two young women jumped out of the car and ran towards the truck. One of the women reportedly tried to get to the drivers side of the truck but fell underneath it as the truck attempted to reverse out of the ditch. One of the officers reportedly grabbed the woman and pulled her to safety as the truck continued in vain to reverse out of the ditch.

The events that followed this incident were redacted in the report and have not been released, however, the driver and passenger in the truck were eventually identified, arrested and charged.

The driver of the truck was identified as Alexis Rey Ortiz, 19, of Clewiston. He was charged with two counts aggravated assault on LEO, resisting arrest without violence and probation violation. Alexis was booked in the Hendry County Jail and remains in custody on a $29,000 bond.

The passenger of the vehicle was identified as Jose Gustavo Ortiz, 22, of Clewiston. He was charged with resisting arrest without violence, booked in the Hendry County Jail and released that day.