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First graders build their own city of Clewiston

First grade students at Eastside Elementary School built a replica of the city choosing buildings that hold the most significance in their lives.

First grade students in Miss Mahrougui’s class at Eastside Elementary School showed off their creative sides during a recent class project, which asked students to build replicas of certain buildings in Clewiston that hold some significance to the student. Each student constructed his building at home and then brought the finished product to school, where it was strategically placed in a large-scale model of the city.

Some of the buildings included the Clewiston Utilities building, Hendry Regional Medical Center, Church of God and, of course, Eastside Elementary School. The students learned how to build a city from the ground up during the project, constructing roads before placing the buildings, traffic signs and landscaping. They also learned why communities need certain buildings, like the police station, utility building and hospital.

Students utilized many different materials to construct their buildings, including shoe boxes, construction paper, magazine cutouts and pictures. They even collected twigs and leaves from outside their school to make the trees that line many of the roads and buildings.

The students were excited about the project and each had his own story behind his building of choice.

“I like to go to my Sunday School,” said Raul, who constructed the Church of God near the center of the city.

Cadence constructed Hendry Regional because she often helps prepare meals for patients with her aunt who works at the hospital.

Anthony chose to construct his home, one of the most eye-catching aspects of the project with a big, pink roof.

“I help my mom with giving out baby food,” said Anthony, who helps organize items, such as baby food, with him mom for families in need at his house. Samples of small items given to the families in need were laid inside the replica, surrounded by pictures of rooms found in Juan’s life-size home.

Briza chose to construct Eastside Elementary School because that is where kids “learn to be smart and always be nice.”

With the help of their teacher and parents, the students constructed their model city in accordance with the city of Clewiston’s actual layout.