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Hendry County school district honors district employees of the year

It may take a village to raise a child, but it also takes one to run a school.

On January 23, the Hendry County School Board took the time to acknowledge some of the “villagers” whose service is critical to schools, if not always recognized.

Speaking of all of the individual school nominees, Superintendent of Schools Paul Puletti, congratulated the entire group on their selection for the honor and because, as he told them, “You keep it real.”

Chosen from 14 honorees, one from each school or department in the district, the School Related Employee of the Year for 2014 is Margie Puletti.

Ms. Puletti has worked for the school district for some 31 years. She is LaBelle Elementary School’s ESE paraprofessional and, coincidentally, Mr. Puletti’s sister-in-law. She is challenged to assist teachers, supervise students and must take appropriate training including CPI training and Autism training. She said loves helping the students achieve their needs.

Larry Worth of Human Resources called the group “The Best of the Best.” He also pointed out that it’s tough selecting just one winner. Each individual school winner has been recommended by their peers and then selected by a committee.

Individual school awards went to:

Curtis Kitchen, LaBelle Transportation, is a flex driver. His responsibilities include the safety of children every day. He has been employed with the district for a year-and-a-half.

Lisa Hegley, LHS Registrar, has been named LHS Support Person of the Month in March 2009 and was School-Related Employee of the Year for 2010. In addition to typing and filing, she assists students, parents and staff; registers and withdraws students. She has been employed by the district for 15 years, four of them at LHS.

Maribel Ramos, LMS. she assists students in learning English and tutors math, science, civics and American History. She was named School Employee of the Year in 2007.

Nancy Cantu is a clerk/typist at COES and has worked for HCSB for over 12 years. Her duties include attendance, report cards, assisting students, teachers and parents as well as many other duties.

Sabrina Collins of UES has been a custodian with the district for 15 years. She participates in general maintenance, securing rooms, repairs and more. She has been nominated for School Employee of the Year almost every years.
Sylvia Gomez, CHS, is a non-instructional para-ELL who has been with the district for 31 years. She was 2010 School Related Employee of the Year.

Jennifer Pacheco, CMS, clerk/typist greets parents, answers phone calls. coordinates buses for athletic events and much more. She has been employed by the district for two years,

Carla Prevatt, Central Elementary, is an ESE paraprofessional who has morning duty at the school, assists in grades K, 1, 2 and 5 and has a number of other duties. She has been employed with the district for 22 years.

Amanda Sloan, Eastside Elementary, has been at Eastside for 1.5 years as clerk/typist at the font desk. She answers phones, does photocopying and many clerical duties.

Michele Yates, Westside Elementary, paraprofessional has been with the district for ten years. She assists students who are struggling or in ESE, giving them support in small groups.

Lilia Ibarra, Food Service lead worker, is comprehensive in all areas of the kitchen and cafeteria office and is always happy to lend a hand. She has been with the school board for ten years.

Kandi Pascher, Exceptional Student Education Department, is a school nurse and responsible for the healthcare needs of over 450 students. She has been with the school board for ten months.