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Westside Elementary recognized by Gov. Scott

Governor Scott visited LaBelle Middle School last week to present two Hendry County schools with more than $132,000 in grant money.

As part of the state’s School Recognition Program, LaBelle Middle School and Westside Elementary School in Clewiston were awarded $132,183 to be split between the schools based on student enrollment, and used at the discretion of administrators, faculty and staff.

The program requires that the funds be used only for bonuses for school staff, educational equipment and materials, temporary personnel or a combination of the three.

Schools that received an A or that improved at least one performance grade were eligible to receive funding from the recognition program, which gave out more than $124 million worth of grants to schools across the state.

In 2014, the School Recognition Program recognized over 1,500 schools across the state and provided a total of $124,625,760.

Westside Principal Anthony Busin was at the May 29 ceremony to receive the check from Gov. Scott. Busin said the schools were first notified of their accomplishment this past October, and quickly put together a committee to propose ways to use the money.

With the input of faculty and staff, the decision was made to give all employees under Westside’s roof bonuses, plus 14 new teachers were given $200 each to spend on their classrooms.

Westside earned the its portion of the grant by raising its school grade from a C to a B. Busin said it’s all because of the hard work of the students and the effort and love the teachers give, that makes the school succeed.