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Clewiston Tigers look forward to LaBelle; Irma may effect game

The Clewiston Tigers prepare to wrangle the LaBelle Cowboys in a game that is scheduled for this Wednesday, Sept. 6. The game was moved from Friday in anticipation of Hurricane Irma. Last week’s game against the Monsignor Pace Spartans was also effected by bad weather. First being postponed and then ultimately canceled when then Spartans were unable to travel again the following day. Clewiston Coach Brad Garret wishes his players could have played last week.

“Missing this game doesn’t really have an effect on our standings,” said Garret, “but it hurts our guys because we miss out on a football game. We lose out on that game experience. It wasn’t a district game so missing it shouldn’t hurt us too bad. We still control our own future.”

After missing last weeks game due to bad weather its seems inauspicious that this week’s game against LaBelle was scheduled during a time when Hurricane Irma may potentially hit Florida..But as of now Garret is preparing to play the rivalry game against the Cowboys.

“This rivalry has been going on a long time now,” Garret explained, “and there have been some pretty good games. I’m really impressed with their running game. They have some hard runners. Just really tough. They are not going to be brought down by the first guy to come in contact with him at the line of scrimmage,I can tell you that.”

The Clewiston-LaBelle rivalry has been one sided in recent history, with Clewiston winning the previous five match-ups between the two teams. Last year’s game saw the Tigers shut out the Cowboys 28-0 during the Clewiston home opener. Still, Garret isn’t going to take past success for granted.

“The Cowboys run the wishbone offense which is very eye disciplined, “Garret said, “our defense is going to be tested. If you lose sight of the guy you’re responsible for on a play, they can hurt you. Our defense needs to be alert.”

Now, on a just short week of preparation, the Tigers will look to keep this rivalry series one-sided in Clewiston’s favor.