Letter to the Editor: Batting cages need repairs

On Sept. 10, Hurricane Irma devastated Clewiston. City leaders asked for patience as they worked to repair and replace the things that were damaged. So, we waited and little by little they took care of the important things. Now 14 months have come and gone, things have settled down, but nothing has been done to […]

Letter to the Editor: Congratulations to commissioners

I would like to personally congratulate the commissioners who were reelected to the Clewiston City Commission. Incumbents Mayor Mali Gardner and Commissioner Kristine Petersen were once again chosen, and newly elected was Melanie McGahee. I would also like to give great thanks to past Commissioner Phillip Roland for his six years of service to the […]

Today’s sugarcane farming not your grandfather’s sugarcane farm

This year marks nearly 30 years of consecutive harvest at Perry Farms, one of U.S. Sugar’s 34 independent sugarcane farms in South Florida’s Glades farming region. While our farm has been growing and harvesting sugarcane for U.S. Sugar for generations, much has changed since my grandfather first planted sugarcane here in the late 1980s. Significant […]

Letter to the Editor

For the majority of my adult life, I’ve heard numerous stories from various family and friends, usually at a BBQ or other social gathering. One thing I’ve learned, in listening to each and every individual perspective, is that some are funny and some are meant to teach valuable lessons for the younger generations. Lessons, primarily, […]

Letter to the Editor: New Medicare cards

If you’re over age 65, there may be an important piece of mail headed to your mailbox. New Medicare cards are on the way to millions of Floridians. The new card will not only look different, but it will also provide you with a new Medicare ID number. Your new ID is designed to cut […]

Letter to the Editor: Health care costs

I recently took my son to the emergency room after he suddenly became ill. Once the doctor completed his/her diagnosis, we returned home to get my boy in bed and resting. I then went to the pharmacy for my son’s prescriptions. When it came my turn in line, I was shocked by the high cost […]

Letter to the Editor: Slow The Flow movement launches new website

With the ongoing discharges from Lake Okeechobee and algae blooms spotted in local coastal waterways, the Lake Okeechobee fishing community is coming together to urge leaders to #SlowTheFlow. The Clewiston Chamber is proud to join them in this effort. As you may have heard, more than 95 percent of the water and nutrients entering Lake […]

Letter to the Editor: Vorhees honored

On Saturday, July 14, an amazing late afternoon event took place to recognize and honor one of Hendry County’s premier professionals! Joanne Vorhees, an advanced registered nurse practitioner (or ARNP), has served women in the Department of Health’s Women’s Health program in Clewiston, LaBelle and Moore Haven for 50 years! And she’s NOT done yet! […]

Letter to the Editor: Atacks on our farmers

On July 19, Florida Sugarcane Farmers released this statement from Ardis Hammock, owner and operator of Frierson Farms in Moore Haven, and launched lakeokeechobeeinfo.org: Sugarcane farmers have a long and proud history of working with Florida governors on both sides of the aisle, dating back to when sugarcane was first planted in southwest Dade County […]

Letter to the Editor: Help appreciated

Dear family and friends: There is no way I can adequately thank all of you for your support and love over the past 16 months that my wife Lorena (Tina) fought a battle with kidney cancer. The battle is over now and, because of her faith in Christ, Tina is at peace with Jesus. We […]